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Modelling & Simulation is a strategic capability of every competitive company. However, simulation-based critical decisions (e.g. virtual testing) require robust simulation results. This webinar series presents a framework for assessing the reliability of simulation, highlighting process capability and artefact quality.

In fact, Modeling & Simulation is not only about simply doing – it is essentially the way of how smart Modeling & Simulation is used within system development, production and its operation. For having success, effective governance (where to do M&S efforts) and efficient management (how to do M&S) of related activities is necessary.

Introduction of a

Credibility Assessment Framework

Presenter: Dr. Martin Benedikt
Language: English
May 30, 2023 1:00 PM CEST (40 + 10 Min.)

Webinar 1 Content

In fact, Modeling & Simulation represents a strategic capability of any competitive company. It’s not about simply doing – it is essentially the way of how smart Modeling & Simulation is used. For having success, effective governance and efficient management of related activities is necessary.

Today, missing trust in Modeling & Simulation hinders for its broad application and uptake in industry, restricting for having significant performance gains and substantial benefits.

Assessment of Modeling & Simulation credibility was identified as key to unleash its potentials, where an assessment framework must cover Process Capability (governing how to do) and Artefact Quality (managing what to do).

This webinar will walk you through an overview of relevant standards and initiatives, highlights needs and requests from automotive, rail and medical industries, and introduces a recently defined Credibility Assessment Framework.

Key Takeaways:
▪ Relevant initiatives for assessment of Modeling & Simulation
▪ Risk-based derivation of structured credibility activities
▪ Multilateral assessment via Process Capability and Artefact Quality

Deep-Dive: Process Capability Assessment

for Modeling & Simulation

Presenter: Frank Eichenseer
Language: English
May 30, 2023 2:00 PM CEST (40 + 10 Min.)

Webinar 2 Content

As already indicated in the introductory session of this webinar series, the UPSIM Credibility Assessment Framework comprises the dimensions of process capability and artifact quality with respect to Modeling & Simulation.

While existing standards, guidelines and initiatives mainly focus on V&V activities to ensure the robustness of Modeling & Simulation artifacts, the implicit demonstration of simulation credibility through application of high-quality simulation development processes is still given too little importance.

Accordingly, the UPSIM project has set itself the goal of defining appropriate processes and an associated assessment model for determining the extent to which those processes have been implemented in an organization.

This webinar will therefore introduce you to the notion of “process capability”, including relevant standards and initiatives on this topic, which we have drawn upon to eventually develop our own process reference and assessment model for Modeling & Simulation.

Key Takeaways:
▪ Process capability and its relevance for simulation credibility
▪ Related standards, initiatives, and process models
▪ The UPSIM solution for M&S process capability assessment, including examples and benefits

Deep-Dive: Artefact Quality Assessment

for Modeling & Simulation

Presenter: Maurizio Ahmann
Language: English
May 30, 2023 3:00 PM CEST (40 + 10 Min.)

Webinar 3 Content

While the Process Capability represents a formal indicator for an organizational unit of being able to develop credible models and simulations in general (cf. Webinar 2), the credibility of concrete models and simulations may be subject to variance.

To make a statement about the credibility of concrete models and simulations, it is not sufficient to obtain only the Process Capability of the developing organization. Particularly, it is also necessary to examine the concrete outcome of the process (i.e., the model and simulation itself), helping to answer the customer’s question, if outputs of a simulation come close enough to true values, in order to use simulation results in a decision process for product development.

This webinar will delve deeper how to assess the credibility of concrete models and simulations, and how quality is interpreted in the context of credibility that goes beyond classical verification and validation of models and simulations.

Key Takeaways:
▪ Understand how to assess the credibility of concrete models and simulation
▪ Comprehend the relation between artefact quality and simulation credibility
▪ How open libraries support and automize the Credibility Assessment

Application ALKS (Lane Keeping Assist)

Presenter: Christoph Stadler, Maurizio Ahmann
Language: English
May 30, 2023 4:00 PM CEST (40 + 10 Min.)

Webinar 4 Content

Verification and validation are key factors towards roadside operation of highly automated driving vehicles. Massively using virtual environments offers a viable way to leverage scenario-based testing in Automated Driving.

However, such virtual environments are systems of high complexity with several models contributing to it. As manufacturers bear liability of the safety of released systems, simulation credibility is crucial when it comes to decision-making.

In this webinar, the approaches for assessing model and simulation credibility will be applied to a Level-3 Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS) to present a guided walkthrough from theory to practice.

Key Takeaways:
▪ Comprehend the path from product development to model development of a Level-3 ALKS
▪ Get a hands-on tutorial how to apply artefact quality metrics for different development phases
▪ Understand the benefits from developer point-of-view

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