SETLevel and UPSIM joined forces for pushing forward the way how modelling and simulation becomes significantly more credible within the automotive domain. SETLevel is essentially focusing on standardized simulation architectures and their smooth implementation for especially highly-automated vehicle systems, targeting on the shift from SAE4 to SAE5 vehicle automation levels. Within this scope and the development done within the project so far, generic processes for credible modelling (Credible Modelling Process, CMP) and simulation (Credible Simulation Process, CSP) applicable at different stages throughout the vehicle development process are defined and those will be recommenced to the industry soon. UPSIM will build its development on this solid baseline and especially details the way credibility quantification and the integration into high-level development processes can be realized, next to the application to other industrial domains like healthcare or agriculture. This way communities join and sustainable project results are ensured.

SETLevel represents a follow-up research and development initiative of the German BMWi-funded PEGASUS project.

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